Welcome to the Vision Speak universe!


In “Vision Speak”, Willow's super-conscious abilities propel her from introverted art student to a catalyst for humanity’s transformation - or destruction - in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world.  


The first book in this series, "Vision Speak: Emergence" is being relaunched in early 2021.  The sequel, "Awakening", is planned for later in 2021. 

I will be collaborating with a group of readers during the relaunch in January 2021 on Facebook. if you would like to join us, please get in touch via the contact form or connect on Facebook or Instagram.


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Vision Speak was selected as a Category Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing

Excerpt from the US Review of Books about "Vision Speak":
"This book is powerful, its vision clear, its storytelling tight and riveting. Vision Speak is worth reading for anybody who can appreciate its immense amount of creativity."


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2020 has changed how we connect, with the pandemic affecting everybody in the world.   For now, collaboration via social media and online platforms are the best way to get together to exchange ideas and for book club reviews. If you would like to join a discussion, fill in your email address.


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