Vision Speak is a fast paced futuristic novel which has it all:  intrigue, sex, power, religion.  It spins a fascinating tale using alluring characters, duplicity, family secrets and mysticism, and engages both the intellect and the imagination of the reader...

Vision Speak was selected as a Category Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Awards for Excellence

in Independent Publishing.


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In “Vision Speak”, a young woman's "super-conscious" abilities propel her from shy art student to a catalyst for humanity’s transformation

- or destruction - in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world.  


Check out the story section for synopsis and character descriptions.


Originally inspired by Jung’s theories on the collective unconscious, listening to Joseph Campbell's insights on mythology and religion further fuelled my imagination for this future capability.

Since then new theories on quantum consciousness and conscious evolution have contributed to ideas for the next adventure in this series, "The Joinings".

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"Vision Speak" is an evolution of consciousness, an ability dormant in all of us to connect with others, using the language of visions.

The concept of non-verbal communications has often been explored in literature, particularly science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction.  This can be interpreted in various ways, such as: ‘reading minds’, extrasensory perception (ESP), sensing emotions, or psychic abilities.

In this context, "Vision Speak" is NOT so much about reading thoughts, like a stream of language coming through the mind but more like a shared inner vision source, extrapolating on the work and ideas developed by Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and others on the collective unconscious.  It's amazing how common motifs and archetypes in dreams , mythology, and religions have reappeared over thousands of years across every continent and appear to be built into the human psyche.   What might be possible if we were more in tune with this, were able to access this inner sense and even control it?  It could be akin to projecting lucid, waking dreams - a new, universal language, at the same level as our spiritual, intuitive side.

Have you ever wondered where humanity would be if only we could overcome our current hindrances, our obsession with our ego, material belongings and physical beings?  Maybe it would free us to reach for the next phase in the evolution of our species.  At this level of connectedness with our fellow man, would we still have petty differences and frustrations?

What is Vision Speak?


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