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Eden Remme Watt has always pursued a creative life although her career has often taken her in other directions. In addition to writing fiction, she spent decades in technology leadership roles and published numerous IT related articles. She is also an avid photographer, and enjoys exploring other creative areas, including videography and encaustic collage.


In “Vision Speak: Emergence", the coming of age of Willow in a dystopian society has potential to impact humanity's evolution or ultimate self-destruction.  This is the first novel released although both a prequel (Dawning) and sequel (Awakening) are in progress.  "Vision Speak: Awakening" will likely be released first and is targeted for late 2021 launch.   The pilot for a "Vision Speak" television series has been drafted.

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She lives in Collingwood, Ontario (Canada) with her husband, Doug.  They have three grown sons who are just getting started on their adventures.

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