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January 2021
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Beginning the week of January 4, 2021, Eden will be interacting with a group of readers online to discuss "Vision Speak".
Questions  and Discussion topics will be posted for the group weekly, primarily focused on the themes of "Vision Speak" but some are geared to get feedback on possible future storylines.  
For those not able to join the Facebook group, the questions are included below, by week.  If you have not read the book, these questions could be spoilers! Back away from the table if you have not read the book yet.  :)

Thanks for submitting!

Questions or Discussion
Discussion and Poll
What are your impressions of the PURE approach to Religions, with categorization of spirituality into types, and manipulation of historical documents to prevent conflict? What about the exclusivity clause? If you are someone who follows a religion, are you comfortable with how this was treated?
Life Journals
What do you think of the concept of formal sharing and bequeathing of memories, as with the Life Journals maintained by PURE citizens? Would you want to bequeath your 'memories' to anyone?
World setting
The early chapters set up many aspects of the future world and society where the novel is set. For example: What is Vision Speak? What is PURE? Explaining the Spiritual Centres and the Spiritual Contract, the laws of the land, etc. Did you feel that this was too much, could be less? Or would you like more information?
What are the typical genres or types of books that you usually read? Options: Science Fiction, Romance, Adventure, Mystery, Non-Fiction, Spiritual, Historical Fiction, Memoir, etc.
End of Times
Cults espousing cataclysmic events and the apocalypse as being holy have been around for centuries. A fundamental difference between some of the doomsday cults we’ve heard about in recent times and The Cult of Armageddon is how widespread and popular it became in this futuristic society. Why would this have happened? Does their twisted view of the world remind you of anything else you've seen in our current society?
The Cult of Armageddon worships cataclysmic wars from the past when destruction was rained upon the world. In Chapter 17, the cult meets at ground zero of the Great Annihilation and we see them worshipping a bomb image, chanting it will happen again. Based on recent events, reference to past use of biologic weapons triggering a deadly pandemic and significantly reducing the world population may be introduced into the storyline. Do you think our world could end up in a catastrophic end of times scenario for billions of people worldwide? What could happen?
Stories speculating on the perfect society have been around for thousands of years. Of note, in More's "Utopia" (1516), the hero discovers an island culture that operates in perfect harmony. Subsequent authors, especially in the science fiction genre, have written about utopias, dystopias, and anti-utopias as a way to examine current society and future possibilities. Some of the well-known sci-fis of this ilk, in the 20th century were: "Brave New World", "Nineteen Eighty-Four", "The Chrysalids", "The Handmaid's Tale", and many more. Is there anything relating to our current world that you feel this story is reacting to? Are some of the solutions proposed relevant for us now?
PURE World Order
The original goals of the People’s United Republic of Earth were Utopian but there were fatal flaws. Originally intended to save ‘man from himself’, freedoms were lost in the process and humanity could not grow within its constraints. Is this necessary? In the book, our species is likened to a child requiring a playpen, finally reaching a state where we can be let loose. How can our spirits evolve when violence and brutality still flourish in some areas of the world?
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Choose the week based on which chapters we are covering.

January 4th week - Week 1 - will be Chapters 1 to 15.

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