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Vision Speak: Awakening - The Sequel

"Vision Speak: Awakening" starts about 5 years after the first book ("Vision Speak: Emergence") ends. I started this book several years ago and have about 50 pages written although there are still some key plot points to work out.


A collective consciousness is sweeping the planet, guided by spiritual gurus Willow and Kalesh.

Scientists have discovered something unexpected during the citizen’s ritual Joinings. They believe focusing the collective force of humanity could unleash an energy source with phenomenal possibilities for mankind. But what they want to manipulate is beyond their control.

Claire, an apprentice in the leadership program, must work to align spiritual and political leaders on the right path while a dark force plots to use this potential for their own end.

And a connection is made which is, literally, out of this world!

Log line: TBD

Background: Willow and Kalesh live on a retreat and have a young son. They lead daily "Joinings" with citizens around the world who have awoken to the new Vision Speak capability. Claire is in a position of influence with the World Governors. Scientists with the Science Institute are discovering unexpected fluctuations in the quantum energy field during the joinings and want to harness the power. Meanwhile, Kalesh makes a new and frightening connection that may be other worldly and Simon starts to "find himself".


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