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Vision Group - Week 2 - Chapters 16-30

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Most of the week 2 questions were a bit heavier, especially as we lived through the attempted insurrection in tandem. They related to utopia/dystopias, doomsday cults, possible cataclysmic events, and how we might overcome these threats. To lighten the mood, I added a question about the sexual encounters in public places and that spiced things up! :)

Here are some excerpts from the commentary between the Facebook group and the member's forum:

Pea Doubleu: Utopia does not exist, except in each of our minds. Unfortunately, my version of Utopia clashes with yours, and so our ideal worlds go unrealized. I was struck by Willow's forced interview with World Leader Sharon...

… Sharon, responsible for continuing PURE's 350 year run of a "peaceful, non-disruptive society" is determined to protect her power and position.

… Fear of exposure, desire for ongoing absolute control, and her unwillingness to remain open and honest with other members of the upper leadership are all part of a distopian world, where power and control must be maintained, at all costs. Very relevant in our current political climate...

Susan L: Our current society ( especially in US) reflects many undertones of the Republic. Like Roland many are are angry and unhappy with their lives so are looking for something or someone to believe ...

Susan J: …will fear or love triumph? Because fear, anger, hatred, conformity, rules, rigidity of thinking are all based on fear being the driver of actions. Love is based on compassion, understanding others’ struggles and fears, forgiveness and belief in our commonality and the good that is in all humans.

…a massive spotlight has been shone upon what I would call the darkness (in the U.S. which is representative of the world) and all that is unjust. Which is great! - awareness is the first step towards evolution/righting wrongs. Then actions can be taken towards moving forward in a positive and healing fashion. Martin Luther King Jr said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Susan L: In our world today with a worldwide pandemic having over 2 million dead, things that we would never have envisioned give us pause to think yes our world could end in a way we never expected or even comprehend..

Eden: I've been feeling the same way lately. Especially after the capitol riots. They really might have..

Robyn: I definitely got the sense that public "encounters" were fairly normal in the PURE community. I was surprised by this but admired the fact that the PURE government didn't try to repress its citizens in their intimate personal lives, but encouraged a healthy, or perhaps overzealous sexual awareness.

Rebecca: A society that wants to control their people can take one of two opposing views to sex and reproduction. One is to prohibit birth control in order to increase the population, the other is to sanction sex for pleasure vs. reproduction. There are pros and cons to both...

Ola: Living so far out in time could invite more evolution in numerous categories, particularly sexual relations. Imagine babies borne with a chip that regulates far out guided sex during teen years then a controlled mating child bearing period, then middle age open relations and so on. Mates would be controlled through licensing by the CRKA, there would be placement, love chips ...

Susan L: Young people and sex have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. There is an urgency that young people are more interested in satisfying than worrying about what others might think. Knowing that they are being watched might push them to test the boundaries. I do not see it as encouraging promiscuity I would tend to believe it has to do with control.

Irene: It makes people feel PURE is a wonderful place on the surface and gives one a sense of freedom. On the other hand, there’s a dark force or cult looming in the background. People today are questioning the freedom of speech, religion, health products to name a few, they once had.

PURE (the government) quietly controlled the information that was broadcast to the world. Everything was fine. The people thought they were free but underneath they were quietly being controlled through messaging from PURE. This is similar to what is happening in the world today.


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