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Vision Group - Week 3 - Chapters 31-45

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

In week 3, we discussed topics including the PURE World Order and governance, democratic versus autocratic, how this relates to what we're seeing on the world stage today, and Jung's theories on the collective unconscious and how that was extended in Vision Speak to a possible evolution of consciousness.

Susan L: Trump certainly illustrated the fact that trying to run a country like a corporation does not work. He claimed he was going to drain the swamp but we we all know how that ended. Manipulation of information was also demonstrated with his Twitter account. The instructor of a current events course I took in the 90’s told us to never take our democracy for granted. It has only been in the last 4 years that I truly understand what she meant.

Eden: Yes, I agree that we really couldn't fathom how our modern day democracies could be threatened until recently. The difference with PURE is that rather than one leader, there are regional 'pairs' who run the world via a board of directors. Perhaps less likely to have corruption at the top although it still seems to be a form of authoritarianism. Media manipulation seems to be a common theme in how we destroy democracy and lose our freedom.

Robyn: I was unfamiliar with these concepts, however I was always subconsciously aware that 'Vision Speak' was not the same as mind reading, that it required a deeper spiritual connection. I developed this subconscious thought through the descriptions and introduction to 'Vision Speak' in the early chapters, and again in later chapters. The way the reader is introduced to the concept of meditation and deep connection, as well as being able to 'feel' others around you while in 'Vision Speak' immediately differentiated 'Vision Speak' from your standard "You are thinking of the colour Orange" mind reading.

Pea Doubleu: Robyn, this is such a helpful description of your flow through the revelatory process. But I still believe you are thinking of the colour orange. Or something that rhymes with orange...

Eden: Jung's work on the unconscious mind is fascinating. One of his most important theories – the collective unconscious – came when he explored the unconscious mind as it related to more spiritual realms such as religion and mythology, which Freud thought ‘unscientific’. Some quotations from Carl Jung's “Man and his Symbols” on the subject of the collective unconscious: “Just as the human body represents a whole museum of organs, each with a long evolutionary history behind it, so we should expect to find that the mind is organized in a similar way. It can no more be a product without history than is the body in which it exists...."

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