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Vision Speak: Dawning - "Prequel" Ideas

The concept of a prequel has been rolling around in my mind for a while.

My thoughts for the Prequel are to focus on Elzabeth's younger years, especially the years when she was an agent for the Republic, with some flashbacks to what happened to our civilization over the centuries. I have numerous tidbits and short stories written that need to be stitched together. One approach is to tell the story primarily from her Life Journal with links to historical documents. Would you be interested in reading this? Do you have any suggestions?

The other challenge is that although this 'prequel' (Vision Speak: Dawning) will take place in an earlier time period, it probably shouldn't be read before Vision Speak: Emergence as it will spoil some of the mysteries in the current book... similar to how the Star Wars movies came out.

There is another story that I'd written about someone in our time period who starts to connect in this dream world. Have you seen or read Cloud Atlas? It could be that there is a connected story over many centuries to tell this tale..


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