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When former Republic spy and master manipulator, Elzabeth dies, she leaves her great-granddaughter an explosive legacy. Elzabeth has secretly trained Willow in Vision Speak, believing that the young woman may have the power to transform a world in crisis.

Willow's expanding consciousness threatens to topple the delicate balance maintained by the People's United Republic of Earth, a strict 'utopian' order which has reigned unchallenged for centuries.

Mysterious factions stalk the young prodigy. Forces beyond Willow's control have designs upon her role in the shaping of Earth's future. To complicate matters, two irresistible yet very different men consume her thoughts and dreams, one captivating her body, the other, her soul.

To save her life and others, Willow must further develop her gift, connecting deep within the collective unconscious and solve a decades old mystery involving her own family. The choices she makes could trigger worldwide destruction or herald a new beginning for mankind.


Excerpt from US Review of Books: "...Blending science fiction, philosophical musings, and allegories to the real world in perfect measures, this is a story that proved too powerful to put down. At first glance, it appears to be standard young adult fare, adventurous and optimistic, but the number of subterfuges and spies on every page lends itself to something more sinister, dark, and ultimately fulfilling for older readers.


Each chapter opens with a quote from a philosopher, scientist, author, religious figure, or anyone with valuable insight into the human soul and psyche, a concept that proves itself in the following pages without feeling preachy or heavy-handed. This book is powerful, its vision clear, its storytelling tight and riveting. Vision Speak is worth reading for anybody who can appreciate its immense amount of creativity."

Quiet and unassuming, an artist and daydreamer, Willow's Vision Speak abilities make her one of the most influential people in the People's United Republic of Earth, almost overnight. But does she have the fortitude to lead humanity forward?
A powerful matriarch and former spy who continues to control people and events, even from her grave.
Feared and worshipped by the Cult of Armageddon, young Kalesh' mission is the end of times but he and Willow may have another destiny.
A leader in Vision Speak, his abilities pale in comparison to Willow but the chemistry between them is impossible to resist.
Quirky and antisocial by nature, Simon is a leader in Vision Speak group and long time protégé of Elzabeth’s but Simon’s past is a mystery, as is Elzabeth’s involvement in his upbringing.  
Sophie is Willow’s outrageous cousin. Always the life of any party, she can be impetuous. True to form, Sophie unwittingly leads Willow into a trap.
A rising star in the PURE Justice arena, Claire is ambitious, brilliant, stunning. Willow has always felt in the shadow of her big sister while Claire has never noticed anything remarkable about Willow, until their worlds turn upside down.
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