When powerful matriarch and former Republic spy, Elzabeth dies, she leaves Willow an explosive legacy. Elzabeth has secretly trained her in Vision Speak, believing that the young woman may have the power to transform a world in crisis.

Willow's expanding consciousness threatens to topple the delicate balance maintained by the People's United Republic of Earth, a strict 'utopian' order which has reigned unchallenged for centuries.

Mysterious factions stalk the young prodigy. Forces beyond Willow's control have designs upon her role in the shaping of Earth's future. To complicate matters, two irresistible yet very different men consume her thoughts and dreams, one captivating her body, the other, her soul.

To save her life and others, Willow must further develop her gift, connecting deep within the collective unconscious and solve a decades old mystery involving her own family. The choices she makes could trigger worldwide destruction or herald a new beginning for mankind.


In a society where very few citizens can pursue a creative path, Willow is finishing her studies, anticipating entry to the Artist's Community - but her lifelong dream is in jeopardy when she becomes the focus of the controlling Republic and the fanatical Cult of Armageddon.  Ironically, her artistic gifts may be what make her a natural for Vision Speak, catapulting her into the center of politics and intrigue in a way that will change her life direction forever.


A loyal citizen of the Republic, Willow discovers an inner world that she never knew existed, enabling her to sense and connect with others.  When her mentor, Elzabeth, dies, leaving Willow her sealed Life Journals, she is watched by Republic agents, a dangerous cult and even her own family.  Shy and introverted by nature, she must draw on new reserves of strength to resist the various factions. 


To further complicate her life, she falls madly in love with Aaron but is irresistibly drawn to Kalesh, a powerful young man who holds her life in his hands.


Aaron is a leader in the Vision Speak group. Chemistry ignites between Aaron and Willow from their first meeting at Elzabeth's Closure Ceremony but he is involved with sexy Jericho, a woman with hidden motives.


Older and more sophisticated than Willow, Aaron wants access to the secrets in Elzabeth's journal that Willow controls.

He and the other leaders are frustrated that Elzabeth entrusted such important and potentially dangerous information to her young descendant.

When Aaron learns how gifted Willow actually is, he tries to convince the others that she be taken into their confidence. His mother Jill, in particular, is opposed to breaking their guiding principles.

But the Republic or the Cult may intervene before they get a chance.


Kalesh is only seventeen, yet both feared and worshipped by his people, the underground members of the Cult of Armageddon.  Raised by their fanatical leader, he has been taught to strive for the end of times, death and destruction for all which will ultimately lead to glorious rebirth for mankind.


He is the young messiah for the Cult of Armageddon who Willow must ultimately face, someone more powerful in his “super-conscious” abilities.  He must either convince her to join them or order her execution.


Quirky and antisocial by nature, Simon is a leader of the Vision Speak group and long time protégé of Elzabeth’s.  His loyalty to her and his commitment to follow the path she established is firm.


Elzabeth introduced Simon to Vision Speak as a young man and arranged for him to replace her on the council before she died but Simon’s past is a mystery, as is Elzabeth’s involvement in his upbringing.  This becomes a turning point in the story when the truth about his conception comes to light.



An intimidating and powerful woman, even at 101, Elzabeth is the matriarch for the Tyler line, former Republic spy, and founder of “Vision Speak”.  Although she dies early in the book, Elzabeth and the journals she leaves behind continue to exert a strong influence throughout.


The final months of Elzabeth's life were focused on training Willow in Vision Speak with astonishing results.   Their secret meetings are a violation of the Citizen's Spiritual Contract.  To further complicates matters, Elzabeth bequeathes her Life Journals to Willow, attracting the attention of Republic agents and World Governor Sharon, fearful of what Elzabeth may have revealed.  Elzabeth's other decendants, in particular her daughter Sybil, are upset that they're blocked from sealed entries of her life history and Willow alone can learn the family secrets.



Sophie is Willow’s outrageous and beautiful cousin.

Sophie and Willow's mothers are twin sisters.  An only child, Sophie is used to getting her own way. 

Always the life of any party, she can be impetuous. True to form, Sophie unwittingly beds an enemy agent and leads both herself and Willow into a trap.


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