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Vision Group 2021
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With the worldwide pandemic, we are running book club events online.
January 2021 
Eden is interacting with a group of readers via Facebook and the online Forum and Zoom to discuss "Vision Speak". By registering on the Forum page, you can participate in the ongoing discussion and commentary at any time.
Questions  and Discussion topics have been posted in four weekly sections based on different areas of the book, primarily focused on the themes of "Vision Speak" but some are geared to get feedback on possible future storylines.  
Recap of Discussions
Chapters 1-15 (Week 1) - World setting, Life Journals, PURE Spiritual Contract
Chapters 16-30 (Week 2)  - Dystopia/Utopia, doomsday cults
Chapters 31-45 (Week 3) - PURE world order, collective consciousness
Chapters 46-60/End (Week 4)
Vision Speak: Awakening - Concepts for sequel
Vision Speak: Dawning - Possible prequel ideas
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